2020 microfiber non slip yoga towel with grip

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Non slip yoga mat towel

Soft sweat absorbent yoga mat towel added to the front of mat gives security and stability. This is especially helpful if your hands always slip when doing exercises like downward dog.
This yoga mat towel is super soft and beautiful, 12 colors available.

Made from microfiber with advanced technique—soft, absorbent and provides excellent grip for the toughest poses.
No bunching, slipping or sliding—you will have peace of mind that your towel will stay in place for the duration of your yoga practice.
The towel is perfect for all regular yoga mats and extremely easy to carry on. Take it with you to wherever you want to practice!
It absorbs twice as much as others and dries in half the time, perfect for those sweaty sessions of Hot Yoga.
Easy to , just throw it into the machine to get quick wash & dry after use.

Type: Yoga Mat Towel
Material: Microfiber
Item Size: 183 * 68cm

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